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Valentine's Day with added black one piece lingerie va va voom! FEMAIL picks the sexiest lingerie sets for February 14 - plus top tips on how to undress to impress.

Valentine's Day with added va va voom! FEMAIL picks the vxvxc510 sexiest lingerie sets for February 14 -plus top tips on how to undress black one piece lingerie to impress Ultimo founder Michelle Mone reveals her top pant picking tips From Tesco to Princess Tam Tam, there's lingerie for all budgetsPetits Bisous boss Esther Fieldgrass explains how to undress to impress

View comments With just two weeks to go until the most romantic day of the year, many of us will be scouring the shops for black one piece lingerie guaranteed to impress.But if you're finding it a bit of a challenge, there's no need to panic because this Valentine's Day, FEMAIL has done all the hard work for you.Whether you're a man in the market for something sexy for your lady or a woman after a saucy surprise for herself, look no further.Scroll down for video

Gossard Femme Fatale deep suspender £27, bra £22, slip £43.95 - brastop.com and gossard.com

Chloe peacock bra from Fauve (D-G) (30-38) Bra: £34.95 Thong: £16.95 from brastop.com (left) and Miss Photogenic Rubies of the Orient bra £125, knicker £82, missphotogeniconline.com (right)



Michelle Mone, the founder of luxury lingerie brand Ultimo, explains how to choose the perfect set of black one piece lingerie for your leading lady. Size is everything...'First, you need to know her size. It might seem a bit obvious, but lots of people rely on the universal 'about that size' gesture, which will only end in tears.

'Sneak into her lingerie drawer when she's not looking or ask a close girlfriend or sister. UK bra sizes have a number and a letter e.g. 34B, the number indicates her back size and the letter is her cup size. 'Briefs also have a size number or letter e.g.10 or S indicating small. Make sure you get the size right people!'Play it safe...'

Some men can be pretty pants at choosing lingerie, usually because they opt for overly racy or garish styles. 'It's all about body shape and what the lady in your life feels comfortable in. Look at the underwear she regularly sports. If her black one piece lingerie drawer is full of thongs, then buy those. If she prefers a full brief, then best to opt for that shape. '

Also, if she prefers boost in the bust department, her bras will most likely have a gel filled or padded cup. Check whether her bras have padding – if most do, make sure the one you buy does as well.' Colour her happy...'It's best to avoid colours that she doesn't like, or that you would never normally see her wear.

My advice would be to play it safe and opt for classic black in a flattering shape such as a balcony bra and Brazilian short. Simple yet effective! 'Finishing touches...'Bring out her inner devil with your attention to detail! Don't just stop at a black one piece lingerie set, invest in a few extra treats to set the scene, such as her favourite perfume, a pair of killer heels or a luxurious silk robe.'

Huit, the Au Naturel collection, bra £50 and short £23, from lace-lingerie.com UNDRESS TO IMPRESS! ESTHER FIELDGRASS ON HOW TO MAKE THE BIG REVEAL COUNTEsther Fieldgrass, founder of luxury black one piece lingerie boutique Petits Bisous, explains how to make the big reveal count.'I find that very few women are happy with the way they look.

Even women with great bodies will usually find some feature that they dislike,' explains Esther.'Consequently, they are often apprehensive when getting undressed in front of their partner. When you feel great in the black one piece lingerie you wear, you'll be confident in the bedroom and we can guarantee happy endings all round!'


Pear shapes: 'If you have a fantastic shapely bottom then why not show it off with a silky thong or lacey brazilian cut brief,' says Esther.'If you don't like to show your bum then a high waisted knicker will emphasise the small waist and curve of the thighs.'

Hourglass: 'If you are a D cup or over, be sure to choose an underwired bra and try to find one with broader straps to help carry the load.' There are plenty of sexy and exciting fuller-bust brands available these days such as Harlow & Fox, which provides luxurious pieces in silk and leavers lace with a vintage pin-up feel specifically for D to G cup sizes.'

Apple: 'If you carry your weight around your middle and are not comfortable with your stomach then try a high waisted knicker, these cover the mid-section while contouring the figure.'

Tubular: 'If you are lucky enough to have a small bust then you have a very easy task when it comes to buying bras. 'Try a delicate, soft triangle or demi-cup bra in a seductive sheer mesh or delicate lace. Or, if you crave bigger cleavage, choose a slightly padded or push-up bra to enhance your natural assets.'

DON'T FORGET... TOP TIPS FOR MEN'Choose silks, satins and laces, unless you're into BDSM, in which case anything goes! We welcome gentlemen into our boutiques every day, and our trained style advisors will be happy to help you choose the right gift for her.'

A final note of advice: giving the gift of lingerie isn't just about sex, it's about foreplay too. For a woman, unwrapping layer upon layer of tissue paper to reveal a luxurious black one piece lingerie set instantly ups the sexual tension.'Tell her when you want her to wear it. Tell her what you want her to do in it. Make the dressing and undressing part of the experience.'

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